eel help


want to get an eel what do i need to know.
i got an eel proof tank,
if i drop something in the tank any tricks to not getting biten
can amemones hurt eels.
how do i stack the rocks


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As far as getting bitten, it depends on the particular eel. My SFE, and old ghost ribbon never tried to bite. I did have a jeweled moray that would bite anything it could get a hold of.
Never kept an anemone with an eel before, and can't recall anyone else doing it. I would think the problem with that would be water quality for the anemone could be a problem.


i have no experience with goldentails, i keep a SFE
just stack the rocks so the eel can swim through them and hide in them. my SFE bumps into my anemone occasionaly, and backs up pretty quickly :D thats about the extent of their relationship.. you can start out with a feeding stick, but i don't even use on of those, i just drop a krill in, and he can smell food in the tank within a few seconds. however, they have poor vision (SFE - i believe all eels do) and it may take them a while to find the food (it may swim right by it without seeing it) but will eventually track it down...whenever you have your hand in the tank just keep track of where the eel is.
Do Not Hand Feed If You Do Not Want To Be Bitten