EGG(S) story


Hey, after the snail episode this is kinda anti-climactic for me.

My lfs got my egg in. It wasn't the way I expected it. There was a lot of brown/green algae on it and bigger than I thought. I brought it home and began to acclimate, only to find my egg was EGGS.
That's right, two. They were stuck together by the algae.
AND, there was a fat little munchkin feather duster stuck in the middle. I put them into a pitcher with their own bag water, then rigged a piece of airline to gradually drip more and more of my tank water into the pitcher. (now this is a tank only pitcher, NOT one I used for humans, so no soap contact..) So here I am with all this excitement and the snails (from the 'help' post) were attacking them.
NOW, my turbo snail was on one this afternoon, but I could see he was picking off big chunks of algae. I guess he thought I brought him Thanksgiving dinner...

One egg is very see through, the embryo is about 3-4 inches long, you can see his eyes as dark spots against the lighter body of the shark, and VERY ACTIVE, tail doesn't stop wagging and he turns around in his shell every thirty seconds.

The other, is hard to see through, but occasionally you catch a glimpse of a tail waving. He is only 2-3 inches, and MUCH thinner than the first.

I parked them both on the bottom in a corner I watch all the time, and propped them up on one side so I can see inside. The current is very strong in this section of the tank, but the eggs haven't blown around. I didn't secure them, just leaned one side against the side of the tank.
The feather duster is doing great, too. I don't want to forget him....

So for those of you thinking of getting an egg to hatch, you can follow my adventures...
I will post a "birth announcement" for each.

Thank you to every one for their sincere help and especially sharky for the advise, and zackt for the snail help...



Day two, both still active

Molly ignores them and turbo hasn't gone back. Just curious, sharky, with the big guy at 3-4 in, he has to curl his tail around a little in the egg, his yolk sac is about the size of a quarter, and I can see so much of him (eyes and bands) how much longer do you think he has? I'm an overeager expectant mom...
And I'm looking now into a 250 for a year from now, since I have two... Do you think they'll be happy or should I look bigger? I also thought custom $$$
which do you think would be best for them?? Hope everyone had a happy turkey day, well, except the turkey!!!


Congrats Jake!!
Wow, seems like we started a trend here...
Anyway, day five (and it seems like month five
) All is great. Largest is slowing down in activity, but still active. I thing he's becoming used to my lighting schedule. Little guy has figured out a spot in the egg to hide where I can't see him. But if I wait long enough his tail comes around and waves good morning.
(NOW obviously, I don't know male or female, but for now they're hims.) I noticed that more and more are following the adventures of sharky, cat, and jake, as they live their lives with hatchlings and eggs. And I just want to say welcome!!! If there's anything I can answer to those curious, please ask!