Emperor shrimp breeding


Does anyone know any of the following things about emperor shrimp breeding, all help thanked: sexing, egg incubation times, or even if captive spawning has ever been achieved.


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never heard of em?
I imagine they would be hard to --- and breed. I know I had a pair or coral banded shrimp that regularly bred, however I could never keep the babies alive for long.
Coral banded shrimp keep their blue like egg sac on the underneath of their bellies and they change to a little yellowish green color when they are ripe. You're supposed to put them alone in a small tank without any filtration and barely any water movement. Kind of like raising percula clownfish.
Anyways, I can not share any experience with emperor shrimp - anyone else know? I'm sort of curious now too.


Yeah, I figured it would be like that or a cleaner shrimp which I have had lay eggs before , but stuff like sexing varies with species so if anyone knows, all help apprericated