Environmentally Friendly Setup?


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Hi all

Lurking for some time but I haven't posted much. I'm glad to see this forum added. I'm only a couple months into setting up my 55gal and would love to make choices that make the smallest environmental impact possible. I've researched which fish/inverts are tank raised and will try to pick from that list (Inland Aquatics has excellent service and is environmentally friendly). I used some LR to seed the tank and the rest man-made rock. I would like to add some fragged corals in the remote future. I'm aiming for a low maintenance, lightly stocked, self contained system as much as possible - macro algae for food and biofiltration, DSB for filtration and pods that will feed the livestock.
Other issues I haven't looked into yet:
Any equipment brand that is known to be more energy efficient?
Has anyone researched the salt/additive industry for chemicals that are used in preparation?
Fish food brands that are using sustainable farming techniques?
Suggestions/thoughts for creating a balanced ecosystem appreciated.


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two of the best things to do are one have a QT/Hospital tank, and thoroughly research each purchase you make. The bottom line is the majority of sudden fish losses are caused by us, the ones who set out to take care of them, either through disease or not providing the proper environment. Way too many people are fish buyers rather than fish keepers.