Erie Pa Tank 4 Sale


I am selling my salt water aquarium.
Aquarium goes to the highest bidder. I WILL NOT SELL IN PARTS WHOLE AQUARIUM MUST GO. I will deliver everything any distance with a .20 cent a mile charge paid in advance.
Aquarium incluides. Bidding starts at 300$ Send me an email with you bid and I will keep you updated on highest bid.
55 gallon tank with wooden stand
2 half full botles of C balance A&B
1 full bottle of lugels iodine
test kit for PH trates trites and ammonia
Double sided whisper filter
1/4 full bucket of IO salt
3 power heads
CPR bakpak skimmer
approx 220 watts of PC lighting bulbs are about 5 months old
4 inch sand bed
approx 60 lbs LR
2 tonga mushroom rocks
2 trumpet corals
1 ricordia
1 green mushroom
1 umbrella leather
15-20 cerith snails
15-20 blue leg hermits
10 turno snails
1 CBS shrimp
1 peppermint shrimp
1 gold banded maroon
1 sixline wrasse
1 coral beauty


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It's much harder to find buyers for complete, stocked aquariums. Sell the livestock individually and you might see more interest.


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i would be interested in your light and lr. how much for your lr? where are you located from wanaque n.j. northeast n.j. about 20min. from n.y.?


I am about 3 and 1/2 hours from hershey. My sister is in medical school there by the way. Town smeels like choclate I hear.
Please anyone interested in anything send me emails Much easier to answer you that way