Eunicid Polychaete

I did. Theat is where I got the name of "the monster" as it is known in my house.
I was hoping that someone has some links to more detailed descriptions or information.
Thanks bangguy,
I am hoping to ID it positively.
It lives in a slime tube, kinda looks like spider web. It is fairly long, maybe 12-18" and is opal colored. It has a spikey head, but it can retract its barbles and can pick things up with them.
I once fed it a shrimp pellet which it snatched up and retreated to its cave.
it appears to have a row of legs on opposite sides of its body.
I have noticed no damage to my fish or inverts that might be attributed to a predator, but I would like to ID this thing for curiositys sake, if nothing else.

bang guy

Absolutely sounds like a Eunicid. A picture would help a lot though.
I would guess that it's eating detritus, leftover food, and small bugs. They are generally predators and very good at catching prey. You fish are probably safe until it reached 5 or 6 feet though.
I would watch Leather Corals carefully. If you see Amphipods surrounded by slime this is also a danger signal. If bad things start happening I'd move it to a species tank if possible.