Ever been to jail?


anyone else have rent-a-cop where they live? we have at my school CGHS Rent-A-Cop and at the mall Middlesborro Mall Rent-A-Cop. this dude i know made a shirt that said Middlesborro Rent-A-Cop AT THE MALL and then when he put it on he got kicked out of the mall for awhile.....


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Yeah, that's bloody brilliant. Spilt milk: SLAAAAAAAP, Didn't come home on time: SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP (Yet, didn't realize car broke down because too busy smacking), Bad Homework: SLAAAAAAAAAAP (did badly because of fear of doing badly due to the fact of getting smacked).
What is really ashame is the fact that parents feel the need to beat there children for them for discipline. Talk about lack of control.

kid comes home and starts throwing a temper tantrum becaue of something that happened at school....im gonna bend em over the knee and smack the hiney....
im not sayiung every little thing you should hit your kids.
certain actions require certain consequences...that is where you an control how good of a parent you are


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hm. i havent been in jail but ive been in some run ons with the cops. last day of school a year ago me,my friend chris,and justin were skating inside this mall because they had this big stair rail.. so we see this mexican janitor guy and we call him chico, we see him coming so we take our skates of too try and see if he will leave us alone, but instead he grabes my friends justins skates and were all :mad: now. so my other friend is trying to grab the skates back and hes threatening him, we new the cops were going to come so we were leaving and the chico guy put them in some store. then the lady that worked there asked justin if he would want to call his mom, so when she goes back to get the phone he snags his skates and starts catching up, untill were out the mall and some physco guy in a truck is chasing us! what a day


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Cool story. Hows about you DONT hit yer kids though. THREATEN to do it, and if they go over the line, THEN whip out the belt. But never actually hit them. Thats how yer kids will become scared of you and not trust you or want to be around u. My dad wasnt very nice to me at a young age, and now I flinch wenever people make sudden movements towards me, even if theyre picking up a cup. I always think theyre gonna hit me...


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My dad wasnt very nice to me at a young age, and now I flinch wenever people make sudden movements towards me, even if theyre picking up a cup. I always think theyre gonna hit me...
sounds like you have personal problems



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Ok, I'm enjoying this thread WAY too much. Who knew SWfish people could have such colorful pasts

i gave the blk and white version, anyway here are my jail times
1. drinking an alcholohlic beverage in a state park... yup i told the park warden to lick my a$$.. who knew johnny walker had a mouth like that
2. possession of alot of green stuff in a motor vechile (i was 18)
3. unpaid parking tickets (20 of em) i was a broke college student at the time
4. DWI #2 yes i got 2 i know i know plz save the speach i dont drink anymore.. anyway i flipped my truck going 70 mph end over end and roleed side over side.. my truck was almost in 2 pieces, i was unharmed sitting on the curb waiting for the cops when they pulled up. i just put my hands on my head and said, i know... lets go... anyway thats my past, ive been good for along time now. however i do have to check yes to that felony question

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3 guys on bikes, 1 who ran and 2 who talked like they would, plus 4 townships, plus about 18 vehicles at my crash, 2 firetrucks, and a EMS plus about 7 or 8 court dates, yeah I spent the nite in jail. Had a bad limp for almost a month too.
I'm just waiting to see myself on COPS one nite.
I have a nice souvenir video though.
Learn from your mistakes. Lesson Learned.
But the absolutely worst part was having to collect call my parents of all people, at midnite, because all my friends have cell phones and none of the collect calls from jail would go through to them.