Ever see a tank crumble


I just got a 55 last night and we tried to drill it. We almost got throught then BOOM CRASH. I spent my last dollar on that tank. This really sucks, but it was cool, but still sucks.
Ill post pics later a friend has my camera


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I wonder if you were trying to drill through tempered glass? If you were, then you can't.
Sorry to hear about your tank.

I drilled through mine with a grinder attachment on a dremil. It took about 45 minutes to grind a 1 inch hole. I kept the glass cool with a spray bottle.


this wasnt the first tank we've drilled when you buy a used tank its hard to tell if the glass is tempered. We figuger it was, the first 55 we drilled took us 10 to drill the whole thing. that one wasnt mine. I had my tank for 3 hours before it shaderd