F/S Large CPR Aquafuge

FS is my Large CPR Aquafuge. I have only had it for about three weeks but my 72 gallon tank sprung a huge leak and I have decided that I am not going to put it on my my new 75 as I plan to use a sump. This system worked great for the short time I had it on my tank. I had bought it off of a guy that shipped it, and during shipment a small piece at the end of one of the brackets broke off. I superglued it twice over and it holds strong - even without the piece, it wouldn't affect the functionality of the unite, just figured I would cover my bases. This unit also comes with a small light - it's not the CPR light but it looks like a mini PC light. Looking for $115 shipped.
Sorry about the wait on this. Got caught up with some other stuff this week. The measurements are as follows:
24" long, 11 3/4" tall, 4 1/2" deep.
Here is a pic. I had it on the tank for a few weeks and never had a problem. The s-c-r-e-w (I guess you can't type that word on here anymore?) tightened down fine as I took it on and off a few times while trying to adjust.There isn't any stress on that part of the refugium so it doesn't affect functionality in any way - I don't even understand why the screws are there in the first place, with the weight in it there is no way the refuguium is moving.