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It's always so sad when we lose our babies. I am deeply sorry for your loss.


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Oh no! oh no! Oh no! I'm so sorry.
Jenny, how did you know, if it's not too hard to talk about. I'm afraid I'm going to miss the signs. I'm afraid me being a nurse has increased my tolerance for suffering.

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When i was growing up it was just my father and 3 boys. We never really had any animals. My girlfriend I got a dog before I bought my house. Its been a year now. I cant imagine life without her. She is my best friend. I do everything with her. yard work. You name it. I made her a sled so she can pull tree branches for me. She loves it. I feel your pain for what you are going through. One day i will be in this position. It will be one of the worst days of my life. Keep your head up girlie.


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i felt a mass in her ribcage by her heart when she was in my lap almost a year ago so my dADS VET FRIEND LOOKED AT HER AND SAID THAT IF I WANTED TO I COULD TREAT IT BUT AT HER AGE IT WOULDNT MAKE ALOT OF SENSE, I GOT HER about 3 years ago from a lady that was going to take her to the pound cause she was moving . she is about 12 years old . thanx guys


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Oh Jenny, I am so sorry about your kitty. I had a big yellow for 18 years, I still miss him. I am crying with you.

Sending hugs your way...


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looks like Huckleberry...aka Fat boy my moms cat. 20 lbs of pure fat lazy love. She had to put him down last year after 11 years of unconditional love. (and every year climbed the Christmas tree....