Favorite colorful peaceful fish?


hello there,
I have finally learned a lesson about researching before purchasing. Just finished tearing apart 90 gallon, to remove a few fish. I bought two dwarf angels, a rusty and a heraldi, the guy at the fish store said he has kept plenty of angels in a reef tank. ya, ya , ya..Well, as you know most angels pick at corals so they had to come out. I also introduced a juvenile dusky damsel, which grew to have the ego of a fish twenty times it's size, so it's now out as well. A few months ago I spent all my free time trying to get an aggressive six line wrasse out.
In the tank now are two clown fish and a mollie miller blennie. Later down the road as the tank matures a manderin fish will be going in, I am also leaning towards kole tang.
I am looking for suggestions on good fish for a 90 gallon reef tank 48 X 18 X 24
thanks for your time


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Midas blennies are nice but extremely jumpy, and may not coexist w/ the blenny he has. A female Bellus is a great angel that will not bother corals. Other options...
Fairy wrasse..there are many beautiful kinds... and they have many colors. They are all peaceful. An anthias such as a squamipinnis or a few Bartlett's might be nice. I caution the addition of the Kole with your blenny...they often hate blennies . My thoughts on this is the competition over the algae in the tank. I keep a Tomini tang...same family of tangs but less aggressive. A bluespotted jawfish is a great little fun fish, but they stay in a burrow mostly. A foxface would be a nice addition if you decide to go with one of the bristletooth tangs...the foxface Lo almost always buddies up with Koles. They can be very friendly, often eating from your hand. Just be cautious around them, as their spines are venomous. Some kind of shrimp goby such as a Randall's or yellow watchman might also be a nice addition. A Court Jester Goby, also referred to as the Rainford's Goby, is a wonderful and beautiful fish. It should only be put into a mature tank with an established sandbed, and does better when there is some filamentous algae present in the tank.They eat it like spaghetti, but are a small fish so should'nt be considered as a clean-up for this respect.

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Midas blenny. Looks WAY better than the pic on here. Very colorful and tons of personality!



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green clown goby. How many green fish with red stripes do you see in this hobby? Super peaceful and always out visable (at least when housed with other peaceful tank mates).


promisetbg said:
Midas blennies are nice but extremely jumpy, and may not coexist w/ the blenny he has.
My tank has an open top and my midas has never come close to jumping. I dont think ive ever even seen him in the top 1/3 of the tank. Also, he has gotten along with 2 other blennies and an engineer goby wih no problems. He is incredibly peaceful.


Thats really weird. Mine must be mental b/c literally he never leaves the bottom of the tank. The only time he ever even comes anywhere near the top is to try and steal a little algae that i hand feed to my tang and then he sprints back down to his barnacle rock to stare at me, lol.
Hope i didn't jinx him now.


thanks for all the help, gonna do some web searches on the recommended fish. Definately like the blennies, gobies and such, the blenny in the tank now came from the local beach, it can be caught easy and returned to it's home if it doesn't play nice with others, There isn't much algae growing on the rock at the moment, Had a little hair algae a while back so intoduced a killer clean up crew, 100 blue legs , 20+ nassarius, 3 mexican turbo's and a lawnmower blennie along with the remainder of 30 astrea snails. So, any fish that is an algae grazer will have to do well on sheets. The lawnmower blennie would not take any food at all and wasted away after being disgustingly fat for a month or so.


had a royal gramma, was a nice fish, six line wrasse killed it.
Looked at the female bellus, definately a cool looking fish, will keep an eye out for one locally
had a few anthias . would only eat cyclopeeze, could not get to take any other foods, they are no longer
fairy wrasse will compete for the same food as mandarin fish, am wrasse shy after having a bad experience with a six line. when snorkeling localy wrasses are prevelent, the thought often crosses my mind to grab a small one , then I'll see a queen angel and think I need a FOWL tank, then I get out of the water and reality sets in
thanks for the ideas
I am going to try to find a lfs that will take the two angels in for store credit. I found one store 45 mins away. hopefully find something closer. The store I purchased them from does not want them back, so, they lost a customer.
thanks again


I have a Royal and he's great. What a beautiful fish. Very peaceful and hardy. Too bad you can only have 1.