Favorite show of all time


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MythBusters and Braniac...Attck of the Show...pretty much anything on TLC, Discovery, History Channel, and Last but not least... ESPN RULES!!!


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MythBusters are freakin hilarious. I love watching that show. Another fav is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. The things she does to Matthew McCaunaghey (sp) are classic.


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1) south park
2) south park
3) south park
and 4..........
SOoooo just respect ma authoritaw!


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Originally Posted by jr2857
you gotta love the simpsons. if you don't you need a life
Then again, If you do, maybe you need a life as well........hhhmmmm


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Originally Posted by jcrim
I hate to admit this but the show I watch the most now is Blind Date.
Not my favorite ever. Favorite ever is probably Seinfeld.
Crimzaaaay! Blind Date is SO my guilty pleasure!!! Have you seen the Unsensored dvds? Ohmigawsh... THE HILARITY!!
Anyhow, my favorite show...ever...of all time....
is House, MD.
We don't have tv, so we have to download it, but it's so worth it.
I also LOVE Emergency Vets, but Discovery Channel squirrels away all its shows, so they aren't available for d/l. I haven't seen it in a YEAR!!!