Favorite Show


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Ooooh oooooh, how could I forget???
Penn & Teller's Bullsh^t!!!!! :jumping: :jumping:
I don't always agree with them, but man do they have chutzpah


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I actually like myth busters!
but there was one myth busting show that was meant for stupid people, it was on MTV.
I think I saw the greatest myth created on that show.
the myth was about fast food rest using certain colors to either make you hungry and leave really fast (dont remember which one or exactly what it was- something like that)
and they went to multiple shrinks and doctors, all of whom said no, that the color thing is a myth and there is no evidence to prove it. (basically what they said)
then the show said they wanted to investigate more, so they asked a guy who wrote the book "fast food nation" and he makes the claim about the colors having this effect.
MTV does not mention about the docs or shrinks and proceeds to ask him about the color issue, he says "I know this too be true!" and thats it.
MTV's conclusion- fact


Conan O'Brien, Family Guy, and well this doesnt count as a show but all of PBS(I love learning about everything from animals to politics).


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Originally Posted by CELACANTHr
Clarkii boi do you think that they switched the actors? I don't think i could stomach that! or do you think they are ending it? or maybe they are just moving to a different city?
I haven't looked at any of the spoilers yet, so I dont know if they are ending it or not. Personally, I cant see the show going much further.
UPDATE: Indeed it's coming back for the 8th season, with the original 3 and the addition of Mark McGrath.


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Everybody Loves Raymond is probably my favorite, followed by:
CSI (Love Vegas! NY and Miami not so much)
Without a Trace
Amazing Race mostly for the different cultures.
Law & Order
Law & Order SVU


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i couldnt resist the urge so i had to look at spoilers. But just for the first episode and it turns out that they will deffinetly still be acting in it.YAY :cheer:


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How about the ones when we were grownig up:
Dennis the Menace
Gilligan's Island
Brady Bunch
Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys
Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom

kart racer

Deadwood without a doubt even though I missed most of the first season. But before that my favorite was Married...with Children.


I don't really have a favorite show, but I like south park, the andy minolakus(spelling???) show, chappelles show, and Im sure there's more but I forget haha.