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yes...but if he returns to football again...it will be with the vikes...
Not unless he pulls the same crap he did with the jets who released him. I think he had this entire thing master planned out except the getting hurt part. I bet he went into NY telling them he only sign a 1 year deal and that they fully release him after the season so he could come play in Minn. From day 1 last year Minn wanted him badly. Now they finally do. Personally people can look at this with hate in their eyes and with blinders on The Vikings are the real deal now. This has been the only issue on their team the past two years. They will make the playoffs if everybody stays healthy.


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He's smart to want to be in the NFC North. He gets to beat up on the Lions twice per year... that should help to pad his stats. Will also get the chance to beat up on the Pack twice per year, but his return to Lambeau should be interesting.
However I think that Chicago takes this division. The vikes will need to get in as a wild card...


So yea, I was reading somewhere that Vick still has it in him. Apparently at practice yesterday he threw a poodle 80 yards.

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7 games in and he is 6-1 with a return to Green bay this Sunday. I cant believe the season is already half way over. Some people look silly in this thread. He is one uncaught ball away from 7-0


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I think we need to bump KJR's prediction thread, and see how we're all doing at halfway.
My Indy/Vikings SB picks are looking pretty good