feeding tube anenome


hey, i just picked up 5 small feeder fish at my lfs. they are about 1cm-1 1/2cm in length....
how many should i feed him and how often?
i fed him 2 today...
the anenome is small....
and if anyone would like, i will post pics of it eating...its pretty cool


ok...so you fed him 1 fish that size every 3 days?
then used some invert food?
should i soak the fish in anything?
like garlic or zoecan or whatever?
and if in garlic, then do i just mince up some garlic and put the fish in there?


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never soaked the fish and feed him the fish every 3 days and the invert food two days before you feed the fish is what i did


I feed mine frozen shrimp or scallop about twice a week. The rest of the time they'll get the foods from uneaten fish foods or DT phytoplankton. I wouldn't recommend feeding any saltwater animals feeder fish.


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I feed mine about every three days and with 1 large silverside. He also takes flake food and brine shrimp out of the water. But, work of caution, if you fish start disappearing then feed him every two days. I just lost a clown that way. Now i have to replace before my anenomes die.

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arion4, I just wanted to let you know that anemones do not need clowns to survive. Good luck finding a new clown for that anemone though.


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Ours get feed every other day with the fish, I either squirt a little brine lightly on to him or give him a silver side of piece of krill. I have never fed mine live food...Lisa