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Hi all. Just getting into saltwater 50 gall tank with 2 small clowns and 1 small royal gramma basslet. Im feedin with the small frozen brine shrimp cubes. Is like half a cube defrosted in tank wtr one time a day good for this small amount of fish? Also how many fish in this size tank can I keep, maybe only around six small ones ? Also what's the normal amount of times to test pH and salt with salt water tanks ?
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Brine shrimp honestly is horrible nutrition. I feed spriruliana brine only because of the algae in it. Mysis is a far better choice. Also a good pellet food. Such as new life spectrum. Variety is key when feeding sw fish. I feed 5 different types of frozen food.
I would also feed twice a day or atleast spread out over a few hrs.
You can probably add 2 more similar sized fish


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It's more a matter of how many inches of fish than the number of fish. Jay is right about the mysis shrimp being better, because of the macro-algae they eat.