Filling my tank with fish

ok. Believe it or not I'm 23, I was mainly concerned of what kind it was....
I've been told no triggers before, so it's not like I didn't know, I was just wondering if the size mattered.
Anywho...thanks for the info...I'm still trying to figure out the species.


I am fairly new to saltwater too, but you must research, research, and research some more. Read, Read, Read, and then ask away. It is very easy to get mixed opinions, or confused, but then that is also where common sense needs to come into play.
After a lot of research, I know that Tangs, and Puffers, would never work in my 24. I would never even chance it because I don't think its humane for the fish.
I already am dealing with my own guilt for thinking my tank is overstocked.
I have 2 perc. clowns, a coral beauty, twin spot goby, and a royal gamma,
I settled. Last week I purchased a sixline wrasse and a firefish goby (who is skiddish as hell). That's all I plan on having in here. I want to get an anemone for the clowns, hopefully they'll host.
Other than that I may just add a few more crabs to clear up the algea. I have to clean the tank like once a day.
hey I havent seen my sixline in a couple days...I tried moving the rocks, but I couldnt find you think my arrow crab ate him? =(((


Flanders, I know exactly what you are experiencing right now. I was there. I made mistakes and bought stuff I shouldn't have and so on. And my tank crashed and everything died in 3 months. I waited over 2 years before trying again. This time I read these message boards and listened to what people said. It wasn't what I wanted to hear, but they saved me a ton of heartache and money. I have had my reef tank up and running for over a year fish fatalities...knock on wood. If you listen to what people tell you on here there more than likely won't be problems. I would almost guarantee that if you listen to your fish store there will be problems. You have to realize they are a FOR PROFIT business. They want your money.
Just a few things.....anenomes need the proper lighting to thrive in your tank. What type of lighting are you currently using? Has anybody told you about clownfish? I understand you have one in your tank now and want to add another one? That probably won't work, you should take the one you have now back to the lfs and buy two that are together or when you buy another one, it has to be the same kind of clownfish and you should probably buy a bigger one and then take both of them out and put them in a QT before putting them in your DT.
I'm not flaming you, we are here to help. And when this board usually says don't do something its because we learned the hard way. Have fun in this hobby and I wish you luck.
Everything seems fine...
I've listened to the people here and I know they know what theyre talking about. They suggested gobies and wrasses, sixline and such, so I went with a firefish and a sixline along with my two clowns.
The sixline I bought actually got stuck in the back left compartment...I'm not sure how...
Hopefully that won't happen again.
it seems my sixline got sucked into the filter system again. Last week I found him under the filter, dead.
He must have been too skinny.


If I were you, I would get something to cover your intake so it doesn't happen again to another fish.