Finally Got a website for our tank Up!!


very nice! I like it a lot.
that tank looks a long bigger than 60 gallons, or at least it does to me.


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awesome looking tank!!!!
good luck with it
dob is 1.25.05.. .seems to be stocked up awfully fast, but if its working, dont sweat it


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very nice looking tank
but, IMO you have to many fish for your reef, plus a yellow and blue tang in a 60g:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
thats alittle to small for them


I know it seems that there is a lot of live stock in our tank but there is pleanty of swimming space and the water quality is perfect so whats the problem?
I know we took a chance with the tangs but if they get bigger then so do we!!:D we are already looking at getting an 80 gal ne way!!
As for the tank size it is 60 gal but i think it is 60 gal long that is why it looks "bigger"


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no problem, tank looks beautiful.
i was just making a comment that in my opinion, thats an awfully high amount of livestock in a tank that is 6 weeks old.