first loss


man i am sad. i have had my tank for 2 months and i just lost my first fish. i started to notice i hadnt seen my lm blenny for a while so i really started to look around in my tank but couldnt see him anywhere. then i looked under the stand and bingo.......there he was dead and all dried up
. i feel like a bad parent, so sad. i had no idea that lm blennies would jump! i have never heard that anywhere. anyone known them to be jumpers? ok im going to feel bad for a while...please anyone let me know if you've heard of or had them jump.


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sorry to hear that.
no never heard of them being jumpers. mine starved to death because it would not eat anything i offered nor the algaes in the tank.
and i tried in vain to catch it and return it but i failed.


thanks snail, yeah man i just found out that on this site that blennies have like super leaping abilities. check it out under the blennys 4 sale. crazy...i mean of course i believe the site, i just have never heard anyone say anything about them jumping.