fish feeding ???????????????????


i have koran angel,porc puffer,powder brown,yellow tang,2 zebra eels,fox face ,black trigger,christmas angel....what kind of feed scheduele should i have...i do every 2-3 days....but since i added my trigger and puffer a week ago the koran angel got very viscous with them 2 mostly....dont know what to do

mr. limpid

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Why not do smaller amount daily, basically fish are opportunist eaters and in the wild they when ever there is food available. also when fish or any other animal is hungry the get aggressive. And you have aggressive fish already. And you have grazers, that need to eat every day.


I would throw algae sheets in for the tangs, angels and even the triggers will eat the algae sheets, the tangs and the angels need to graze everyday with food that has vitamins in it or they can have health problems later.