Fish hiding


I just installed my 400w MH and had it on for about 2 hours and my fiah seemed to hide a lot. Is this common when you add new lights like this? Also how long would you recommend that I run the MH per day? I have 2 65w actinics that run 8am-8pm and 2 65w 10k's that run 9am-7pm. Should I run the MH 10am-6pm? Also I am now running moonlights should I leave them on all night or shut them off at a certain time??
Thanks I know it is a lot of ?'s


when i have changed lighting, i cut the photo period way back and then build up to and time i want. i'd run the actinics for 12 hours like your doing. and running the mh for about 4 hour adding 15min every couple of days. btw i leave my moonlights on 24 hour a day.