Fish Mix Okay?


Hi everyone,
I recently purchased a Naso tang, a mandarine goby, a Niger Trigger, and a Blue Spot Jawfish. All fish are relatively small. I also have a yellow tang and a clownfish already in there.
I am making sure that this combination is okay with a 70 gallon custom tank (36 in width, 21 in high, 18 deep)
100lb of LR and about 30-40lbs of live sand.
My LFS assured me that this combination would be okay but I got a little nervous when someone on the forums said that this is a terrible mix of fish in such a small tank and I was shocked!
I don't want to be flamed please, just some suggestions and appropriate opinions.


Stop posting the same thing 15 times...we only want to help
I said this earlier......your tank is too small for what you have, and the fish you are putting together are NOT compatible
your lfs is not giving you good info.....and I nor anyone else on here have anything to gain by helping you....only satisfaction of a fellow aquarist with happy healthy fish