Fish staying towards top of tank


I just added a clown fish to my reef tank. He's the only fish in there right now. I added him yesterday and he seems ok except for the fact that he stays in the top third of my tank. Is there any reason why? Test results are fine (a little high nitrites but did a water change before adding him so it's good now)
Could the direction of the flow have anything to do with it? I have one air head blowing towards the middle of the tank, one across the top.
Thanks in advance!


clowns stay at top third of tank is normal. That's where mines sleep.
Are you sure it's nitrite and not nitrate? I will be very worried if it's nitrite. Your fish may start to breath hard.
I just put mine in Saturday and he has been doing the same thing. Eating normally and looks normal, just been doing this since I added him. Good to know this is normal.


lol all mine have stayed with the live rock at lower levels.. so i'm the odd one out then
i want clown swimming at the top..
i would say its mainly cause of the current on top or maybe it likes jumping out of the water for fun(i know mine did)