Fishes mouth fused shut


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I noticed my geen chromis was not eating, I looked closer at him and seen his mouth looked funny. It is actually fused shut. I tookhim out of the tank and felt the growth, it was hard and cartillage like. What went wrong? Is that normal? I tried to cut it but it was so hard, I would have broke his jaw if I would have kept at it, we decided to freeze him. Sound familar to anyone?


Welcome to the boards! You would have to tell us all about the tank he is in, how he was acclimated, how long you had him, etc. before we could have helped in this. I am very sorry for your loss. There are many experienced hobbyists here. Look around this site and ask us whatever questions you have.


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I have had him for 2 years with no problem. I feed him flake and frozen misis. he is in a 90 gallon soft coral tank. Have you ever heard of a fishes mouth fusing shut?


ok, take him out again and confirm for sure that there is absoultey no way that the mouth will open on its own, but for the time, DO NOT CUT HIM