I read in one of your posts that you work at a company that makes internal components...Would these be for PC boards??
Just curious, My Husband is Sales Mngr and Test Mngr for a company that makes fast turn circuit boards, without and of the components attached..Just bare boards...I use to work there also as Asst Office mngr..
Wouldnt that be funny if you were on of out customes???
~Susie ;)


We make electrical components but it's not the final product. Most of what my company makes are solderless connectors, quick disconnects, terminals, USB's, jacks, etc.......
I'm not sure if we make anything that goes directly on a circuit's quite possible as we have plants all over the world, and make thousands of different kinds of components (and I'm not familiar with them all!).
If nothing else, we probably supply the same people though.... ;)