flame angel and mandarin goby going down hill


the flame has been great at eating and all and i have had him fo a week. Can the goby let off a slime that can kill?:help:


The goby does not have any toxic slimes that would hurt your angel. More inportantly, what are your water parameters?


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I agree we need mor parameters. Has you ph dropped? If so you may have a buildup of co2. Has ammonia or nitrItes bumped up. If so you may need to stop feeding until they come down. do you have plant life in the system? (Even some algae). If not then you definately need to add some. If you have some and the either above applies then you need to add more plant life.
BTW am retired AF and was at eglin for a year and half. I presume you are at tindell.
Edit: am currently at huntsville, Al. Do you know any bays there where where I could collect some plants or macros?