Flame Angel in 25?


Is there any way that I could fit a flame angel in a 25 gal cube that measures 18X18X18. It will also be hooked up to a 15 gallon sump/refug for a total of 40 gal. I just want to make sure that there would be enough physical space for it.


well perhaps mine isnt the most typical but i saved my flame from someone he was large at the time for a dwarf and i put him in my 14 gallon aquapod TONS of rockwork for him to cruise through hes been alive and happy for two years. I still plan on gettin a 28 nanocube hqi i know that this isnt a normal answer orthe ccorrect just saying it has been done but mine was a rescue it was that or he was gettin flushed by a guy in the military.

aquapod 24

personally i would not put a flame in a 25 gallon imo
i would get a pygmie angel because they stay a little smaller than flame angels if you really want some sort of dwarf angel


imo I think he would be fine. I had one in my old setup(20gal tank) and was fine. I had to take down my old tank to start my new one. So I gave it to my lfs. i had it for about a year and a half