Flame Scallops.. is there a point?


I saw one of these in my pet store and thought it looked kinda neat-o.
DO they have a purpose? Are they reef safe? (They just look like they might SHUT on a shrimp or something, hehehe)
What do they do? Do you feed them or are they lighting reliant??
Please share the love.... :p


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they help filter water.
i have one and it is pretty cool.
sometimes though i may not see it for months. i'm sure they are reef safe and you feed them like you would a feather duster.
i over feed my tank once a month or so with brime shrimp(which is not good i'm sure)to insure that everything gets fed.
btw. i skip a feeding afterwards.


Thanks dad..
Maybe I will stick one in my tank. hehe
btw... you say you dont see yours?? Do they move around alot??


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They are not worth the money in my opinion. They dont last long. To get one to last over a couple of months is RARE.


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They fall into the same high nutrient tank catagory as Gorgians and other non-photosynthetic inverts and will only survive in those kinds of tanks.