flatworm exit side-effects??

Okay, I decided to dip new corals I buy in flatworm exit before they go into my coral QT. I did this for the first time 2 nights ago. I dipped each coral for about 30 minutes in a container with water/flatworm exit. Two hours after I did the dips and put them into the QT the tank became cloudy. Then I noticed the tank had small bits on and around floating on top, too small to be flatworms ( I think), plus I didn't put flatoworm exit directly into the tank. Not 100% sure that the flatworm exit caused the cloudiness or floating stuff but it is the only thing I did to the tank other than add corals. I have never had this effect happen before after adding corals or fish to a tank...? Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone seen this before? Thanks!
iam about to do a flatworm exit dose on my tank in the next day or two, Iam sure the instruction say the water might get cloudy after treatment.
I know you just used exit as a dip then placed in QT, but who knows
Are you running carbon in a canister after you put the coral into the QT tank?
Good luck


I used it to dose my entire system but never a dip method. Never had any cloudy water just lots of dead flat worms. Try running some carbon like it says and see if that helps clear it up.