Flatworm ID - Cranberry? Anyone?

I've done my due diligence and searched the board and google and haven't found any pictures of flatworms that look like what I have. I've got three of these little guys that hang out on the glass right at the top near the waterline. Most of the flatworm pictures I found are of more elongated creatures with pointy tails. These guys are more rounded and seem to have four distinct lobes to them. They are a very pale peachy color.
I suck at macro shots and haven't been able to get a pic yet, but I'll keep trying. In the meantime, I did the best I could with Photoshop to recreate what I'm seeing.

Any ideas?
Waminoa sp.? Cranberry, didn't I see you all hot to trot to get your hands on one of these in an old post?

That looks a lot like what I have though. I was able to finally snap a couple pics, although as stated, I suck at macro shots. One of the flatworms has actually split to become two...



brown flat worms, they eat pods. you can suck them out w/ a turkey baster or if your brave enough use some flatworm exit. i have them too. i just do patrol one a week to keep numbers down.


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Waminoa sp.? Cranberry, didn't I see you all hot to trot to get your hands on one of these in an old post?

OMG! That totally looks like them. If there are any specimens you would like to give up.... i sure would like to receive. :) They are not very common and I haven't even seen any at the LFS.
Sure, I'd be happy to send some to you! Some tips on the best way to extract and ship them would be appreciated, especially if you're wanting live specimens.


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YAY!! I'm finally getting my hitchhiker pics in order and there is a few "stamps" missing from my album.
Maybe with a baster? I'm really not sure because I'm never seen them. I would send you shipping supplies :) Totally paypal ya shipping of course.

If you had a need for some gold phyto I would send ya a bottle of Isochrysis as a thanks for trying to get some live specimens!
LOL... I've only got 5 of these things that I know of.
Cranberry - If you can just tell me what you would suggest as far as packaging, I'll find it around here and get these sent off to you. I've got a bag that I can put some water and the flatworms in, but is there anything special I need to add to the water to help them survive the trip?


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Any little container that would hold water would do... or placed in a baggy of water and protected in a box. You wouldn't need anything special.
OMG... so excited. I hope they will be able to make it.... they are on my top 5 "need to get" critters list.
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Hey dude let me haves some man

You know that isn't a good hitchhiker, right? That they are undesireable (to most)?