FoamBack Project 101


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Looks nice
Foam backgrounds are getting really popular, especially over on --.
My plan is to convert my 46bow FW tank into a reef this summer, and I'm going to go with the foam background on it.


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Originally Posted by maxalmon
This little guy is kinda shy, but lovin all the places to zoom in and out of...
Odd coloration, he's almost a pale yellow and brown.
Snake Blenny, I think

I have one a little bigger and he is an engineer goby.


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LOL...I was getting so obsessed with my photography thread that I forgot abou this project....
One of the PC lights isn't working on the biocube and haven't had time to trouble shoot. I may get around to fixing today and I'll post pics ASAP....


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Geez, I thought these bulbs lasted forever....gota order a new 10k bulb for the biocube....It's all done and ready for water


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too bad he never finished this thread! it was a great project , maybe he will come back and post some pic's some day