LionFish says.....
OK, folks there has recently been a small outbreaks of little incidents on the board. Some on purpose some not. I feel that it is my responsibility to clear up a couple of things so no one gets confused. It is my fault that I haven't cleared this up before so I will quickly give a couple of rules.
#1- You can post links to information sites that will help others understand something better. The sharks have to edit any link to another online store. There has been a lot of controversy over this topic but at least we got the info links back.
#2- Please avoid using BAD swear words. It is a free board but there are some younger people viewing the board and thiis BB has actually become one of the biggest and best BBs on the net because we are friendlier than other sites. Some words are exceptable like hell but that is about it. Please avois using bad words.
#3- Just have fun. This is what the board was made for. You can learn and help others without criticising them. This board is by far one of the best on the net and believe me its gonna stay that way. I hope you guys haven't gotten the idea that since I became a shark that I'm trying to ruin your fun here. That is not what I'm doing. I simply try to keep this forum clean.
Thanks for your time and cooperation. It is a real blessing. Hope this gives you a little insight on the board. If you got any more questions you can ask me here. C-ya.


Thanks for the outlining of the forum rules. Personally, I think you are a great benefit to this board! I am thankful for all the time and thought you have put in to your answers for me, and I am sure many others agree. This is a great board!