Foxface question?


I am upgrading to a 120 gal soon and I am fighting a large "red" bubble algae epidemic. I have heard that Foxface's occasionally will mow down red bubble algae. Is this true in anyones experience. I have multiple emerald crabs, but they cannot keep up.
Also I have a pair of percs, a six line, PJ cardinal, mandarin, and a spotted hawkfish. and plan to get a flame angel and a red sea sailfin tang when I upgrade, anyone see any territory issues in a 120?


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ive had my foxface for about 7 months, he is one awesome fish, my favorite personally, as far as the red bubble algae he may or may not go for it. he likes to graze on anything he can, they are a great addition, loves to have a friend to swim around with, and sleep next to, real co-dependant,, lol. not aggressive to new or existing tank mates...

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My Foxface has eaten every algae I've thrown at it except Halimeda. Red Bubble, Green Bubble, hair, Bryopsis, Caulerpa, Ochtodes, etc.
Foxy has made herself a portable algae removal system.

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So yours did eat red bubble?
Every single one she can find.
I should post a new picture of her. This fish cleaned out a 4' X 6' X 1' colony of Grape Caulerpa in just a few months.