Frag tank

connor g

So I have been seriously thinking of starting a small frag tank, I was wondering if I would be able to use a small 10 gallon aquarium, with a HOB filter, heater, and a T5 light set up? I would also build a small frag rack out of egg crate and maybe even a couple of pieces of live rock to act as a biological filter. Would that work or would I need alot more?


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10g tank isn't enough. IMHO, for a frag tank. Reasons:
1. Too small to keep many frags in.
2. Too unstable of water parameters to grow corals efficiently in.
A 10g would make a good quarantine tank, but not frag grow out system. Most people use 40g breeder tanks with frag racks made of eggcrate and have nice large sumps for stable water parameters, which is what you want in a any tank housing coral.
Not saying it couldn't be done either...

connor g

Would I be able to make a little rack to hang on the inside of my tank? I am not looking to propagate huge amounts of coral frags just a couple because my LFS will let me sell them back to them for $6-$10 a peice.


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Yep. You can make them out of the white plastic they sell in the lighting dept. at lowes or home depot. Cut it to the size you want. And you can buy the suction cups, super glue them on and you have yourself a frag rack.


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Im using a 90 gallon tank and made two steps out of the lighting eggcrate so the top step close to the light u put the fresh new frags and put them up top then when they grow up then i can step them down and put new ones back up top and when the second step grows they can go down in behind the bottom front step and then grow right up the back right now the tank is cycling and ready to go but havent got any frags in it yet just a little rock and some crush coral and some live sand in there and ive got a new connection for some new lights that i bet everyone will be interested in when i make them work for my tank but let me tell u they last 450.000hrs and run off a 12 volt output and a 0.2ohmms can u say hydro bill going down alot and not have to replace lights for a long long time ohhhh and there waterproof hehe.