Freckles my Potbelly seahorse died.


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I think she was just old... but what a bummer. She was my first (Freckles) and last one, I lost the 2 males to some kind of pouch infection a couple of years ago. One female the first year just disappeared, I think the eaters of the dead got to her body, I never found it, and one female died for no reason I could find last year. Bristle worms took out the Kuda horses, that tank now sits in the garage empty.

I have a choice to make...break down the 90g tank and call it quits, or ...come September for my birthday, I could reset the tank for regular fish. The pipefish eats copepods, and it has plenty to feed on, the starfish eat algae, so it looks like I won't have to feed anything for a while.

The only fish I'm absolutely sure I would want to get is the Lemonpeel dwarf angelfish. I like the idea of an urchin too, it would clear the tank of macros, but I do have an in-tank refugium in the garage just sitting there.

LOL...Well that was a quick decision.


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So sorry for your loss Flower :(
Thanks Bang Guy, sigh... the cold water SW tank was quite the experience. The price of those potbelly horses was just too much to replace the loss. I have bristle worms in the 90g too, so no way am I going to put Kuda horses in there. I should be smart and get out since I can't climb the ladder anymore...but I just can't seem to do it.


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So sorry Flower! It's always a major bummer when one of our fish ( or seahorse ) die.

But I love how quick you made up your mind about not getting out of the hobby.

Can't wait to see that lemon peel angel in your tank!!


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My tank looks so, so empty....I harvested the macros today, my leg has been swollen ever since I got off the step ladder. I don't think I would want the tank to sit lower, it looks great just the way it is. I do have somebody I could hire to do it for $25.00...I think that's going to be the route I take, if I keep macros in the display (I do like the color it brings to live rock). I can handle everything else, (thus far, fingers crossed) doing small daily water changes is easy enough. If I only keep the macros in a small in-tank refugium, harvesting would be much easier.

I have some time to think about it, Sept is my Birthday, so maybe then I can start the rebuild, Aug is spoken for (everything surrounds the 1st of the month when you are retired)... Mother's medicine for Alzheimer's is $472.00 next month, and my her dog got injured, and I had to post date a check to the vet for $200.00 (thank goodness my vet would do that.) Tamerah is doing good now, but she has to be hand fed until she can swallow better. She was barking, jumped up on my mother's bed and fell off ... chin hit the floor and over extended her neck and shoulder (fortunate it didn't break her neck). ... when she barks she sounds like a little yap yap dog (high pitched) so even her vocal cords were affected. All 96 pounds of her landed on her neck.

When it rains, it pours