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hey ok well its a contest that you can win 8 free corals, some include nuclear green, rare deep water lobos ppe etc. relaly nice looking peices.
now what you have to do to start participating first, is go to:
then sign up, and as your refferrer since it will ask that please put adesimone1 if you cant find that part since i couldnt when i started up make a thread after becoming a memeber and say i couldnt find the refferrer part but adesimone1 told me to add the site.
once all that is done go to the announcements section and look at teh coral give away contest.
good luck!


Looks to me like the only peron eligible for the free coral is the other guy, not us if we sign up..... unless we, in turn, try to get a zillion people to sign up...


not everything is, but that is clearly a competing forum trying to gain members by whoring on other forums.


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i have some free corals ...xenia and kenya trees..come and get gimmicks either!


I only posted so everyone could get a chance to win I just signed up today myself. The more sites you are joined to the chance to get more info in this hobby. Didn't to do it to hurt anyone Sorry if anyone is offended it wasn't my intention


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serious. no shipping, but you are welcome to some.
Thanks I have been looking for some xenia but I am on the other side of the country right now.....I will be back in your area in about 3 months....haha. Have a good one!!