freshwater plant tank


I have PC lights on my 55 and tried to do plants with out much luck i think your best bet is to get the correct lighting and proper CO2 I have not personally used the CO2 but from what I have read that is the best way to go.


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They are not particularly hard to keep but they need to be set up properly. Choice of fish is also important.
You need the proper substrate, water flow, and carbon dioxide. PC lights will work but you want to get a different spectrum of bulbs than is used on saltwater. Carbon dioxide addition can be a "complicated" thing or it can be pretty basic (2 liter bottle, yeast, sugar, sodium bicarb, water with air hose and air stone).
They are beautiful and rewarding when they work out
I have been doing planted aquariums for quite some time, and I always use flourite substrate. IMO, it is the best. You will want the heater cable stuff, that heats the substrate, and even the water, it helps the plants grow better when the roots are warm.
I use a triple tube strip light... and works better for me than PC, or even metal halide... LOL I do not use CO2, I have mine stocked enough with rainbowfish to supply that.. they are so beautiful in a planted aquarium...:)