frogs spawn help


went to fish store for water - store had frogs spawn coral for 18$ could not pass up. coral has purple tips under his HO lighting
if you have one, where is yours located in the tank? water movement and lighting?
lfs said low light and low movement my book says lots of light and "brisk current"
for now put at bottom of tank with light water circulation
have 25g 150w hqi


That sounds fine.... I have mine in three different locations, top, middle, and bottom... all are doing fine. If you got a good coral it should more then double in size within a year.
Good luck with it, general frog spawn are tough and do well under almost all conditions.


You can see where mine is placed. I have a wavemaker so the powerhead cuts on and off....but you can see where one of the powerheads is. Hopes this helps.


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I've tried mine in different places and it does well wherever as long as there is mild/med current. Do a searchon frogspawn in the reef forum. It was a coral of the week and there's lots of info on that thread. Good luck you're going to love it.


Mine seems to do better in low current, and doesn't really like the VHOs (When they come on it retracts a bit then comes out again over time).


Thanks BigMac....I'm still learning how to use my digital camera....but I will take some more pics tonight when I get home and post them.