FS: fiji live rock-$2.50/lb-Tampa

i am shipping the rock today. sorry i dont have much branch rock, aries im not sure that im going to be selling anymore rock, if after i ship today and have more left ill let you know.. thanks


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Great I don't mean to hassle you. Just wondering when I would be getting it.
I do have a question for you or someone else. Do you cure the live rock in a separate tank? I have a 90 gallon tank that I ran just saltwater in for a week and I added 45 lbs of LR last wednesday the 16th. Could I put it in with the rest of the rock when I get it or should I do something different. All I did last time was rinse the rock off in a bucket of saltwater and then I placed it in the tank.
i still do have alot of live rock available. I am doing the shipping thing a little different since i can never get the quote right and usually end up paying more myself. If you are intersted in the rock i will need you to mail me packaging, prepaid shipping and ill send out the rock. If interested please pm me.