fuge infested with black cyanobacteria!


About 2 weeks now, my refugium got the black cyanobacteria all over and it smells!
I added a Koralia 3 powerhead to increase the flow in the fuge but that doesn't help either.
My grape caulerpa starts to die off and got covered with this black cyano.
Is there a way I can fix this problem?
Everything in the main tank is fine, no cyanobacteria there, parameters in check, no green algae, corals expand fine and fishes eat like pigs!
I figure a smelly fuge isn't ok is it?


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I'm thinking you may be overfeeding your tank and all of the remainders get trapped in your fuge. Refugium is usually a place with little flow to allow pods to breed and macro algea to grow in peace. I'd probably remove the powerhead from there, siphon out as much of the black cyano as you can, even take the caulerpa out and swirl it in clean saltwater in a bucket and then put everything back. Evaluate what you are doing in the main tank and fix that.
If you have a lot of flow in the fuge, then your macroalgae doesn't have enough time to feed off the nutrients.