Full Monti


will some species like monti caps do well in a 75 under 410 watt VHo's
just a question becuase i was considering starting a no MH sps tank. and heard
that monti caps would be ok. also does anyone know of any acroporas that would thrive
if the water conditions were prrrrfect?


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if up on the top of the rocks it should be okay (i have an orange cup close to my t5s and it is doing good) acros do need a little more light than monti so i would wait to see how well the monti does if u are like the branching of acro there are monti digita


Most, if not all, montis will be fine. Just be sure to feed your tank as well. For instance, use some rotifers every once in a while for the SPS and some copepods for the LPS. They love that stuff.


Although some Monti's may do ok, it really isn't going to be enough light for most acros.