fungus or maybe smething else,need ID


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+1 to sponge AND post count :)

Looks Exactly like the what happens If Red slime has not matured. I think we all need a closer picture. But If it has bubbles in it is Un-matured Red slime. If it has what looks like Holes in it spaced out evenly its a sponge.


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by nutrient do you mean food?
I mean nitrates , food , mabie increase skimming mildly and decrease food. what are your nitrates at and how much do you feed,how many fish, do you have a good cleanup clew or does the food sit at the bottom of the tank?


I havent check #s today but normally all good (I know how the pros hate that term all good when it comes to h2o #) just 5 fish its a 55g lots of hermits this is the first real problem that hs popped up since start up in Nov. thanks for your time


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doesnt sound like you feed to much but may have a slightly higher bioload.
its not so much a problem to have unless its unsightly to you. I dont see any sighns of cyano in your tank or major algae issues just some hair algae


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its a sponge
i had the same problem it took over everything and killed some of my corals. i got rid of everything and started over.