Gasoline prices

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Originally Posted by TX Reef
$2.76 here in central Texas...

I hate you...I haven't seen 2. 76 for month. 3.30 here


I paid $3.04 the other day at Exon, but right below $3 at other stations.


$3.86 for regular in a gas station by my moms house. I live in CT and we have like the 2nd highest in the state. It is crazy!!! and i dont even have a car!!!


you people in the mid west have it easy. Here in Fairfield county it cost 40 bucks to fill up my lawnmower


Originally Posted by reefreak29
4 dollars plus in chicago 3.70 here in geneva
wow! it finally hit 4 in chicago???? that is crazy! In NYC this guy was arrested for sellin gas for $6.30 a gallon, people actually went there too. insane! we need more hydrogen powered cars and more flexfuel vehicles +flexfuel stations.


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i work in edison, and the raceway here is 2.83
im sure the raceway on rt 1 north just past the edison bridge is cheaper.


hahaa yeah the raceway and the edison fule = the cheepest gas in the area!! ..
nice to know there is some one on board so close to where i am!

hahaha and this is even funnier i just saw u live in union.. i use to work in union!!!
haha look at that!


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Down to a delightful $3.17 today. We were once the highest in the nation. Nice to see you guys in the rest of the country let go of some of those $$$$!
Under $3 would be nice for a change. Been a long time. I don't think we'll ever see it go below $3 out here.


I'm doing a lot of road travel for now in the triangle area of Austin Texas, To Corpus Christi Texas, to Houston Texas.
Prices for regular unleaded range from 2.84 to 3.05 per gallon.