Generator finally set up.


Ive been uneasy since setting up our reef because of no back up power.
Last Christmas time i bought a 5,500 running watts generator and today my electrician put in all the wiring to my panel.
It will run the entire house except electric dryer and electric range.
I can now rest in peace as i feel now im a responsible reefer. Haha.


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Yeah, I think eventually I will get more then just a generator for my tank - maybe some battery backups for those short term outages. We really do have our electricity outages a lot around here. Just five months ago we had a tornado blow through my neighborhood and the power was out for over a week.


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That is the way to go, especially if you live in hurricane prone area like I did when I had my reef. I was always sweating during storm season. Yeah worried about my tank first! LOL


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LOL! I know, right? I was IN MY CAR when the tornado blew through. I had a tree fall right behind me, roughly 15 foot from my rear bumper and I was really just worried about losing electricity for an extended period.


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Why batteries over geni? No gas?
I need to get an electrician here to do that to mine...Also need a plumber and new slider and lol.
Good job!