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Minolta Dimage X digital camera w/ 2 rechargeable lithium batteries and 72mb of memory - $250
Fuji Finepix 6800 Digital camera w/ 2 rechargeable lithium batteries and 256mb of memory - $450
Pentax ZX-7 35mm SLR w/ Sigma 28-105 lens and Sigma 70-300 lens, Includes 5 year warranty on camera body and 8 years warranty on lenses - $400
Canon ZR50mc Digital Video Camcorder w/ 1 year Canon warranty - $550
Prices are always negotiable - You will not be dissappointed with the quality of the merchandise, All original packaging and materials left in perfect condition. Let me know if you are interested.


Just thought I'd let everyone know my experience with purchasing from Rye. I bought his Nikon Coolpix 5700 from him a little over a month ago. He delivered it in a very timely manner and the equipment and accessories were exactly as he stated!!
I've done a lot of business on ---- and other online stores for several years now and will highly recommend purchasing from Rye.


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Thanks for the kind words Jarre. It is always helpful when people give you a good reccommendation.


Hey Rye.
Might be interested in the Minolta. Sent the spec link to my Dad to check out and see if its what he's looking for. I'll get back with ya tonight.


might be interested in the fuji, I'll have my husband take a peek when he gets home from work.


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hey rye, eyeing the minolta, how well does it do with macro shots of the tank, etc. i am relaly interested in the nikon coolpix because of its crazy macro style, but how does this little guy do?
good luck


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The Minolta is decent for tank shots.......nothing spectacular. Macro down to 9".......not terrible. Cool thing on this camera is the size, short movie clips, great battery life, and did I mention the size?? This thing is tiny.


Anytime Rye! I really do understand and will always try to help whenever possible.
Good luck!

richard rendos

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I hate to point this out on Rye's post, but I remember a certain member trying to sell guns and parts here and that was extremely frowned upon. I think it had to do with the fact that the guy owned a gun shop...Rye, don't you own (or work for) a photo/camera store. Let's play fair here...if the rules apply to one, they should apply to all.
The description of this Forum says "A forum for members to trade or sell their used aquarium supplies. Frags can only be traded, not sold."


Richard this is a VERY old thread that was revived by someone who is not Rye.
We all know what the description says. I'm sure the mods will handle it. No need to create waves