Getting my very first soon, help me?


I need books. I am a book junky and I cannot find any on this island to tell me how to do the "in between" stage... you know, how to acclimate coral into my tank, how to choose where to put it in the tank with respect to lighting, flow, etc...
I did see some zoas at the beach here, in super shallow water, so I would naturally assume that they don't mind bright light, and a good amount of flow... (this was on the west side of the island, decent waves this time of year) but I have seen conflicting things in the few mentions my 2 books have of zoas (one says low light and flow, the other says moderate to high light and flow).
Advice, or more books to buy, would be greatly appreciated!


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I will go out on the limb and say there is no book that is good enough. They can get you close but you will have to look and see how the coral is responding to place it in the right spot in your tank.
This list is good