Ghost feeding


I think in a few days I'll be ghost feeding to supply ammonia while my nitrites come down.

What's the best food to ghost feed? I was thinking frozen is better than pellets, because frozen is less nutrient dense and so won't foul my tank with as many additional nutrients such as phosphates?

I would just feed how much I would feed my clown pair which is 1/2 a cube every alternate day.


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I make my own food but I also have 12 fish.
Maybe go get a small frozen bag of krill from *****.
I have never used pellets so not sure about them.


We have frozen mysis, frozen brine shrimp at the pet store.

Hmm I think the fishing stores sell krill maybe as bait


Thanks Bang Guy!
I was so surprised, had no nitrite for 2 weeks and then all of a sudden within 2 days it went up to 5ppm (probably higher as this is the limit of the test kit).