Glow Sticks


I have a miniature pincher pup that is about 3 months old and he just busted open a small glow stick that you put on the end of a fishing pole. Could someone please tell me if I should call the vet? :help:
Thanks in advance


Most of the liquid inside is hydrogen peroxide. You should call your vet to be sure there's not something you should do.


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The package should give precautions, but MHO is he will be fine. His movements might be a weird color. Ha! Are they the ones with the glass vial inside? That might be a concern. How long ago and how much did the pup get?


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Glow sticks are radio active. :hilarious Just joking. Read the packaging to see if its non toxic first, then call the manufacturer. If its toxic there will usually be a poison label with the # to the poison control center. Im sure your hound will be fine, although he may glow in the dark for a few hours.


Mt son bit one open when he was 4, I freaked his mouth was glowing!!!!
I put my good sense to work and put dish detergent in his mouth and made him wash it around real good, he had bubbles in his mouth for about an hour!
The glow sticks are completly non-toxic I found out later that day.
However the Dial soap memory is lasting in his head and he will be 18 in April.
Never lets me forget it btw.
Single Dad Panic Syndrome
It was with love that I poured that in his mouth


Thank you all!!! When I got up this morning he was acting normal so I think everything will be fine. I could have killed my brother though. I don't know where he left the glow stick but the puppy found I don't think he got much in his mouth. I do know now that the liquid inside it stinks
. Here is a pic of my little man, Captain Jack.