Gold-striped maroon not as aggressive?

I read on another site that maroon clowns with gold stripe are no more aggressive than false percs. Does anybody have experience with them or know if its true? I've been thinking about getting 1 for my 55 gallon, but don't want a fish that is mean. I've got a reef tank with 1 coral beauty, i pajama cardinal, i yellow and 1 green goby, and 3 differnt damsels that chase each other but no harm done. Do you think a maroon clown would fit in here?


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I have a mating pair of GSM and they don`t seem aggressive at all . Just like any other fish , they all have different personalities and sure some are mean .


I have a gold striped maroon clown and he is one of the friendlier fish in the tank.
He does get a little upset if I or another fish get to close to his anemonie but nothing to bad.


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GSM's have the tendency to be aggressive, but that's usually when there's an anemone involved. They can get VERY territorial if they have an anemone (I can't put any coral within a foot of the anemone, if I put my arm near it, I get nipped, and he'll carry the occassional hermit to the other side of the tank if its getting too close). They can be a bit neurotic, like nipping at other fish, but its usually more of a warning to stay away than an attack. They're extremely amusing, however, and they have a lot of character


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I have a mating pair also. Overall they are very good. Aggression problems comes up when:
A) get to close to their anemones
B) Eggs are around.
They do not allow but one fish near the anmone and that is a juvi purple tang. All other fish get chased. These are the best and most interesting fish in the tank.


mine is really aggressive. she has bullied almost every fish in my tank to date. well minus the blennies and one of those purple puesdo fish. i think it really just depends on its personality. mine doesnt host anything either. she is a wierdo.


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in addition to my 180 fowlr I have a 30g reef with 2 mated pairs of clown.
A GSM pair and an ocellaris pair that paired themselves. The Osci's were in the tank first with a sebae anemeone that they ignored. It wasn't unitl I ordered a wild caught pair of gsm clowns who went directly to the long tentacle and set up house. The aquacultured osci's didn't know what an anemeone was for. The osci's took over the Ritteri/magnificent anemone and gsm pair still live in and protect the LT. So far no fighting. Sublte aggression when the gsm female wanders to the wrong side of the tank. Amidst all the softie corals in that tank they rarely see each other. The male gsm NEVER leaves more than a few inches away from home. Big mama roams the tank freely. The osci's has yet to decide who's gonna grow the womb. Amazing to observe this behavior. These fish are awesome. I found through my observation that clownfish are "born" to live in anemeones, it is learned behavior. My Osci's were afraid of all four- a Long tentacle, a sebae, a green bulb and the ritteri until the addition of the gsm pair. After a week of seeing the gsm pair enjoy the comfort of an anemone, now they began to do the same.


mine's in a 75, and since we do have an anemone he's slightly aggressive. he pretty much just chases my chromis & moves stuff away


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mine is actually really aggressive. well he use to be normal not bothering my YT damsel, sixline wrasse, and my clown goby, but recently, i added a bubble coral that he loves and started to host. now hes aggressive towards everything in the tank. i think he even started getting aggressive on this halimeda plant that grows right above the bubble.