golden puffer or rare queen?

i sold my undulated back to the store and i found a queen trigger but i also found a golden puffer . which should i get the queen or the golden the tank is a 125g with a niger and clown in it. both 3 inches


Queens are very very large and can be very aggressive I have heard of stories where people can't even stick their hands in tank without being attacked. Also be prepared to make this a queen trigger tank cause they will eventually in time attack all tankmates. I don't think I would go with queen I think I read in a book that the minimum size setup for them should be a 200. As far as the golden puffer I don't know much about these guys but maybe one of the puffer crazed people on here can help you out. HTH
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P.S. Everyone that I know that bought a queen has had to return it!
The golden would be awesome. I have wanted one for the longest time but cant force myself to cough up the $200. IMO, I would go with the puffer but be prepared they will chomp on anything and everything they feel like and are very messy eaters. I have a dog face and a hawaiin big eyed squirrel in my 75 bowfront and they get along great. I just think the Golden is an awesome fish, ofcourse, puffers are one of, if not my favorite fish so my opinion is a little bias.


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Go with the puffer. puffers are one of if not the most personable fish there is. queens are beautiful but meaner than heck. if you have the money go for the golden. they are one of the most beautiful creatures there are. Later, Bo


A little off topic, but my Picasso is so aggressive that he attacks just about anyhting I put in my tank. He chews on my live rock, but isn't overly aggressive with my other fish, bit I suppose that couls change as he gets bigger (he's about 5 inches right now).
Fish Guy, where do you get your fish? I'm in Fargo. I saw they opened a ***** up your way.